Ring of the hundred sources

26-11-2022 16:49

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

Escursioni in E-Bike,

Ring of the hundred sources

Exciting excursion in the Monti della Laga National Park! Km. 22 Difficulty: BC Difference in height 830 m. ...info...

For this wonderful excursion we have to move to nearby Abruzzo.

We are located in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, at the foot of Mount Gorzano.

An area rich in natural springs, as the name suggests, which offers a luxuriant and spectacular nature. The One Hundred Sources ring offers its maximum spectacle in late spring, when the waterfalls that we will meet along the way have their greatest water flow, and in autumn when the colors of nature offer postcard landscapes!

Definitely one of the most beautiful excursions within our reach!

Packed lunch or small cafe that prepares meals on the spot.

Difficulty: BC
Elevation gain 830m.

Altitude: 1600 asl

Duration: ½ day

Cost Guide: 120 €

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