The Piane di Castelluccio and the Pantani di Accumoli (modular routes)

26-11-2022 15:53

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

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The Piane di Castelluccio and the Pantani di Accumoli (modular routes)

Spectacular excursions in one of the most beautiful places in the central Apennines!! Km. 15/25/40/60 Difficulty: TC/MC/BC/OC Height difference: from 500m to 12

Definitely one of the most requested excursions!!

We are in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park. Castelluccio, a town known throughout the world for its Lentil, and for its particularity located on the plateau at the foot of Monte Vettore.

Castelluccio, a town trying to be reborn after the terrible earthquake that destroyed it.

Numerous excursions are offered in this locality, suitable for all bikers who want to visit these enchanting places.

Paths for all technical abilities and for all .... wind instruments!!!

Do not miss the flowering show in the second half of June!!!

Km. 15/25/40/60
Difference in height: from 500m to 1200m.

Duration: ½ day or 1 day

Cost Guide from 100 to 150 €

Packed lunch or in one of the numerous trattorias in Castelluccio

Typical Products: Lentil, Cicerchia, Norcini products

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